Watch a UFO fly over the Opening Ceremony at the Olympics

You weren't the only one wanting to catch a glimpse of the world’s best athletes during the Olympics’ opening ceremonies. It appears some Little Green Men may have wanted to join in, too, as viewers spotted a UFO over the crowds at the London's Olympic stadium during the pyrotechnics show. Although Goodyear Blimps had been hired to do aerial footage of the event, the object doesn’t appear to be that, nor does it look like a helicopter. The enhanced video footage released by Alien Disclosure Group UK has certainly gotten the UFO believers buzzing, but it should be noted that plenty of betting houses were taking wagers on whether a UFO would show up – so there are certainly folks with something to gain from a nifty hoax.

This object hovering above the Olympic stadium appears in a video of Sky News and Telegraph.

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Was the UFO that appeared over the London Olympics opening ceremony on Friday night a blimp or a helicopter? In an enhanced video released by Alien Disclosure Group UK, the UFO does not appear to be either of those things. In fact, the enhanced video shows an anomalous object flying above the opening night fireworks that resembles a flying saucer.

UFO over London Olympics: Enhanced video shows flying saucer

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