The Real truth about UFO's and ET's - Robert Dean "Extremely Important" Please Share

Truly a remarkable person to come forward

"The truth is not for all men and women, but only for those who seek it. "
Ayn Rand

Robert Dean & Clifford Stone
Robert Orel Dean (born 1929), also known as Bob Dean, is a retired Command Sergeant Major in the US Army,
who became notable in Ufology circles after he claimed to have viewed \\\"Cosmic Top Secret\\\" documents detailing alien activity on Earth. He now lectures in ufology around the world and has been described as \\\'an elder statesman of the UFO community
Dean served in the army for 27 years
He fought as a Second Lieutenant in the US Army during the Korean War. In 1963, Dean was assigned to SHAPE (Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe) which at that time was just outside Paris (it later would be relocated to Mons, Belgium).

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The world must know the real truth about this subject. Many other whistle blowers have already come forward to speak out, as well as tons of witnesses.

What is Disclosure?
First and foremost if you are waiting for some major announcement to take place, then it will be around 2012, but it can happen next week. You can't really put a date down on this whole issue. Each Person out there is totally different and while some people will be satisfied with ufo documents, witnesses, sightings, and whistle blowers like Robert Dean, there are still alot of skeptics out there who havn't been paying attention for the last 60 plus years.

There are different phases of Disclosure and we are nearing that final Phase and in reality WE THE PEOPLE ARE THE DISCLOSURE not the government. Yes i'm sure they are keeping the Technologies hidden secret away in underground bunkers and bases all across the globe. We must spread our own Truth, our own Expeirences, our own Contacts, and our own wisdom out into the public as much as possible.

From all the films, documentaries, conferences, radio shows, to just the people in they're backyard filming Ufo's flying around. People must understand that it takes all of us together to get the truth out to the public, it is up to the people to seek the Truth, and if they don't. They will not be ready for Contact because that is extremely near. As a collective human race we are still in the final stages of the mass cover up, but once the lid is completely off. Nothing is going to stop from all the secrets coming out.

Anyone out there who keeps saying Disclosure is not taking place, you have not been PAYING ATTENTION

Like i've said before Skeptics will be inside a ship with people from another world and still ask that same question
When will Disclosure happen? I still don't believe this is real.

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