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1:49pm の 12 月 9, 2017 にある 古谷 茂 のコメント

Here we examine the “Apollo 20 la mission inconnue” published by Thierry Speth on December 24, 2016, who has claimed it is a fiction. According to his book, Thierry Speth heard this story from William Rutledge who was living in Gisenyi, Rwanda on December 24, 2006. In response to Rutledge’s request, Speth has altered some proper nouns in order to make his story a fiction along with fabricated videos. Speth mentioned he had lost contact with William Rutledge in 2007, though Speth has mentioned elsewhere that William Rutledge is a fictional character. William Rutledge was born in Grimbergen, Belgium in 1937 and graduated from l’École Royale Technique de Saffraanberg in this story. He flew to the moon with Lèona Snyder and a Russian cosmonaut using a Saturn V rocket from the Vandenberg AFB on August 16, 1976. Fifteen days before their departure, Rutledge received a phone call from his sister Joanne to tell him the death of his mother, but he flew to the Moon without attending the funeral. Besides, although he has kept an Afghan Hound Bonanza at home, when he got back home he found the dog dead near the window.

1:03pm の 12 月 9, 2017 にある 古谷 茂 のコメント

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