BILL RYAN (BR): This is Bill Ryan here from ProjectCamelot and Project Avalon. It's the 20th of February, 2010, and it's my great privilege to bemeeting again with Klaus Dona. In this video

presentation it’s going to be an interview with a

difference because I'm going to do very littletalking indeed, maybe none at all! Klaus is going tobe doing an audio commentary on one of hisextremely special, unusual, and fascinating slideshows about the artifacts and the variousphenomena that he has been researching,discovering, investigating personally all over theworld relating to what I think you could legitimatelycall The Hidden History of the Human Race. Wouldyou say that that's a good summary, Klaus?KLAUS DONA (KD):

That's a very good summary, yes.


[laughs] So I'm going to step back here, and whatfollows now, just kick back and enjoy this slidepresentation. Klaus is going to take you through his own

journey… you can accompany him on his own journey

through his own discoveries. And take it away, Klaus.What are we looking at here ? I can see an array of pyramids. What's the significance?

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このクリップはオイラが2007/10/21に3度目の葦嶽山に登頂した時に向かいにある巨石群の鬼叫山の鏡岩と「方位石」を撮影したものですが、クリップの再生時間 1:50/3:12 から「方位石」の十字に割れている方角が春分の日秋分の日に「太陽ライン」が見事に描かれる。




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