All the deciphered detail involving stars here is new and made by Wayne. It was obviously an easy exercise measuring it to see if it carried similar clues to what he deciphered in other ancient civilisations. The ultimate question has to be addressed now… and Wayne has asked this before… how did all these ancient civilisations that you see in just this story here and on his websites carry the same story? Was it civilisations travelling around unbelievable difficult distances around the globe meeting other foreign cultures with foreign language and sharing their story, which by the way would be quite extreme and quite farfetched story to peddle to another ancient civilisation.

That theory is impossible, because history shows war was the norm with foreign people of different language so that leaves only one other possibility. Scholars hate this obvious but impossible to avoid theory and its simple…

1) Almost all ancient civilisations carry the same star visitor claim
2) Almost all ancient civilisations show celestial ships and mostly bird head deities
3) Almost all ancient civilisations built unique megalith structures
4) Almost all ancient civilisations show pieces of the same star map

Here is another thing one has to add to this article… Did all ancient civilisations lie about their claims… and if so… how did they all concoct the same grand lie of all time?

All ancient civilisations had exactly the same obsession with star visitors… people who are most likely our ancestors returning to try and teach us who we are and where we come from. But what did our people do… they worshipped them as Gods. See all the other accounts of the repeating star map here and the 3 sun-like star definitions in astronomy ...(ref)


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