23000 yrs old Evidence of Dwarka city found underwater

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Dvārakā (Gujarati દ્વારકા) is also known as Dvāravatī, sometimes transcribed as Dwaraka and Dwaravati meaning "the many-gated [city]" in Sanskrit, is a historical city that existed centuries ago in the present day India. The name Dvārakā is said to have been given to the place by Hindu God Krishna.[1] Dvārakā is one of the seven sacred cities ("saptapuri") of Hinduism.[2] In the Mahabharata it was an existing city, formery called Kushasthali, the fort of which had to be repaired by the Yadava people.[3] In this epic the city is described as a capital of the Anarta Kingdom. According to the Harivamsa Purana the city was located in the Region of Sindhu.[4] According to this Purana it was build on proposal of Garuda on request of Krishna by Vishvakarma, to secure the Yadava people. They left the city of Mathura for Dvārakā because of an attack of the two kings Kalayavana and Jarasandha before the great war of the Mahabharata at Kurukshetra.[5]

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