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Lost Human History

the-light-of-the-galaxy-reflecting-in-the-soul-lumina-galaxiilor-reflectandu-se-in-sufletEarth peoples have been interacting with beings from other worlds since the beginnings on planet Earth. The seedlings of present-day Earth-man were deposited upon Terra by beings from star systems beyond the present capability to visit.

We have reason to believe that our planet has been visited by extraterrestrials since the dawn of time. The evidence for extraterrestrial visitations to Earth in the “early days” is not lacking.

Be open to the possibility that we are more than we think and imagine ourselves to be.

The following is a chronology of the pre-history of humans:

35 Million Years Ago

  • Etheric intelligent civilization created and are designated the guardians of Earth, but they were to find physical guardians also.

26 Million Years Ago

  • Dinoid (from Bellatrix system in the constellation of Orion) and Reptoid colonies (from one of the lesser known stars in the constellation of Sagittarius) arrive and inhabit Earth
  • Spiritual Hierarchies of Earth send much love to these colonies
  • Reptoid and Dinoids allow a mammalian species to evolve to sentiency. These mammals were called the pre-cataceans
  • Pre-cataceans provide ample food for all 3 colonies in exchange for technology (which would in turn improve their production rate further)
  • 3 civilizations coexist in harmony trading among one another for 8 million years, all 3 civilizations develop advanced forms of space/time travel
  • The pre-cataceans develop their spiritual side extensively (psychic abilities, etc.)

10 Million Years Ago

  • Dinoid /Reptoid Alliance (from Bellatrix) come to stop the cooperation with the pre-cataceans – they believed they were superior and should therefore control all other beings.
  • Over next 10,000 years the Earth Dinoids and Reptoids become more and more influenced by the Bellatrix Dinoid/Reptoid Alliance.
  • Dinoid/Reptoids decide – during these 10,000 years – to destroy the entire pre-catacean race through various psychological war tactics
  • Pre-cataceans sense this aggression (through their high psychic abilities) and realize the threat presented now by the Dinoid/Reptoid civilizations.

8 Million Years Ago

  • Pre-cataceans decide to implode their fusion reactors located in the Ural Mountain range (with the Earth Spiritual Hierarchies giving them the permission to do so) in a preemptive counter strike
  • Pre-cataceans divide into two groups : 1 group evacuates out of our solar system (to the constellations of Pegasus and Cetus), and the other group begins to alter themselves physically so that they may enter the oceans and there find a haven. This transformation process occurred over a period of 4 million years and the pre-cataceans therefore became the present day cataceans (i.e. the dolphins and whales).
  • Pre-cataceans then implode their fusion reactors, thus destroying 98% of the Dinoid/Reptoid civilizations; the remaining 2% evacuated to the planet Maldek (a planet within our solar system)
  • With the Dinoid/Reptoid now no longer being present on Earth, the Earth Spiritual Hierarchies and the cataceans had to find a suitable guardian for the land. They searched the galaxy to a distance of approximately 80 light years from the Sun.
  • After 2 to 3 million years of searching the galaxy, a primitive aquatic species that was starting to emerge from the oceans was discovered on the fourth planet of the Vega system. This species had creation myths, a language, and a hunting and gathering culture.
  • The Spiritual Hierarchies of the Vega system were then asked if they would permit this particular species to be vastly altered genetically to accelerate their evolution so that they may become a guardian species. The Vega Spiritual Hierarchies agreed.
  • Thus the traces of the first humans was in the Vega star system. Their technology improved very quickly, and once they had developed star travel technology they started to migrate into nearby star systems (for a period of 2.5 million years)

4 Million Years BC

  • Galactic Federation was formed – Sirius B was colonized – Earth was selected for seeding

2 Million Years BC

  • Mars and Venus colonized – Hybornea colony founded on Earth

1 Million Years BC

  • Dinoid/Reptoids were building up their forces in the planet Maldek during all this time.
  • Dinoids/Reptoids have a mass attack on both our solar system and also the nearby ones
  • Colonies on Earth (Hybornea), Mars and Venus were totally destroyed. – Dinoids and Reptoid therefore regain control over the solar system for a period of 80,000 years.
  • In response to this the Galactic Federation planned a counterattack to reintroduce humans into this system. They arranged for a battle planet (4 times the diameter of the Earth) to come into the solar system and destroy the planet Maldek – which was the Dinoid/Reptoid stronghold. The remains of the planet Maldek are what we can now see as the asteroid belt

900,000 BC

  • Human colony was again founded on Earth (it was called Lemuria) – Over the next 850,000 years the Lemurians spread right across the face of the planet

500,000 Years BC

  • Lemurians founded what was called daughter colonies (the main ones being Atlantis, Yu – what is now Central China and Tibet, and also the Libyan/Egyptian colony)

100,000 Years BC

  • Atlantis, Yu and Libyan/Egyptian colonies are declared daughter empires
  • As the empires developed the Atlanteans began to acquire a feeling of uniqueness about their culture that led to feelings of separateness from the other daughter empires.
  • After some time the Atlanteans felt that THEY should become the mother empire, and quickly began to have a strong desire to destroy the Lemurians in order to gain full power.
  • The Atlanteans then began forming alliances with renegade Pleidians and Alpha Centaurians (which had hierarchical systems of government) to further develop their technologies

25,000 Years BC

  • After waiting patiently for many years for just the right moment to attack the Lemurian empire, the Atlanteans decided to attack and destroy Lemuria with the help of their renegade allies.
  • They would accomplish this by taking the Earth’s other moon (Earth had 2 moons in those times) out of orbit by using force fields until it was as close as possible to the Lemurian empire, and then the moon was destroyed resulting in a catastrophic shower of meteors. This destroyed much of Lemuria, but this also resulted in many pressures being inflicted upon the tectonic plates : resulting in the gas chambers under Lemuria to implode and thus sink most of the Lemurian continent.

From Atlantis To The Great Flood

  • Yu empire would not bow down to the hierarchical rule of Atlantis and Libyan/Egyptian empires and was thus forced to literally go underground. Today, they form what is known as the Kingdom of Agartha or Shamballah.
  • Atlantis forms 10 ruling districts, each with its own King. These Kings together formed the governing council of Atlantis.

25,000 – 15,000 Years BC

  • The royal governing council of Atlantis decide that a new form of government was desperately needed in which a superior ruling class could be established and sustained by their pretense that they had been empowered by a God-Force. Autocracy was thus born and was in full control enforcing a period of peace and stability.
  • They also started experimenting with peoples’ DNA and genetics in order to make them more controllable. This also resulted in peoples consciousness being reduced, life spans contracted, and psychic/spiritual abilities decreasing dramatically.

15,000 – 10,000 Years BC

  • Throughout the years there are many wars among the various empires due to underground movements of people that wanted to have the Lemurian “philosophy” back in place (i.e. no hierarchy). These wars led to vast destruction.
  • As a last resort the warring empires decided to attack the opponents crystal temples (which were responsible for maintaining two frozen layers of water about 15,000 – 30,000 feet above ground which protected people on Earth from the harmful sun’s rays and also ensured a stable weather pattern at all times)
  • Unfortunately, the attacks were made simultaneously and caused the Firmament (the water layers) to be broken down and thus millions of gallons of water thus poured down onto the surface causing what is known biblically as “The Great Flood” (6000 years ago)
  • The breakdown of the Firmament also resulted in the polar icecaps freezing and also the many climatic variations we have today to form.

After The Flood

  • Only about 2 million people survived the Flood (from an original 65 million). Unfortunately many of the survivors were the mutant humans (the ones that had been genetically altered by the Atlanteans into a much lower state of consciousness). Also, the fact that the firmament was now no longer in existence resulted in the DNA and thus consciousness breaking down even further.
  • A few different renegades (from Pleides, Alpha and Beta Centauri) came to different places on Earth after the Flood, seeing it as an opportune time to establish their own desired ideologies and also be seen as “godlike” and thus reverenced (since there were mainly only mutant humans left). The humans were therefore easily controlled by these renegades.
  • Since no form of disobedience to these new “gods” was allowed, the concept of ruling by “divine right” became inculcated on Earth. This concept of worshipping an elite has continued through to modern times.
  • Culture would rise against culture in wars claiming that the elite they themselves worshipped were superior to the elite of the opposing faction.
  • We are now in times, though, that will finally bring to an end an approximate 10,000 years of “semi-consciousness” and regain our full consciousness that we deserve. This will be due to our entire solar system coming into contact with what is known as the “Photon Belt”

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in  historians made a shocking
discovery the piri Reis map once the
Turkish Navy's most advanced navigation
tool the map had been lost for over four
centuries drawn up in  and based on
older sources it's one of the most
accurate cartographic records of the
period so precise that his includes
detailed drawings of Antarctica's
northern ridge  years before the
continent was discovered the piri Reis
map is not the only map depicting
Antarctica long before it's official
 discovery the Oren's fine map
published in  includes it two more
intriguing still this map features
rivers and lakes which satellite imaging
confirms do exists but how did the
cartographers know if no one set foot
there until the th century professor
Charles Hapgood claims that Antarctica
was once home to an ancient civilization
its citizens flared or perished when
natural disasters transformed the
continent into the  million square
kilometers of dangerous icy terrain that
remains today so could the remains of
their city still exists under the ice
the claim rests on hapgoods crustal
displacement theory this posits that the
Earth's entire crust shifts every twenty
to thirty thousand years the most recent
shift would have taken place ,
years ago relocating Antarctica to the
southern polar zone
this shift rendered it uninhabitable and
varied settlements under miles of ice if
true this explains differences in the
ice thickness between lesser and greater
Antarctica with one reaching the South
Pole , years earlier early
proponents of the theory include Albert
Einstein who wrote the foreword to
hapgoods  book the Earth's shifting
crust convinced the project was worth
Einstein petitioned American President
Eisenhower for government funds
unfortunately Eisenhower left office
before an agreement was finalized
research in this area has been sidelined
ever since but in  Graham Hancock
published fingerprints of the gods
he claimed crustal displacement in
BC destroyed an advanced civilization
whose remains lie beneath Antarctica the
descendants of this civilization went on
to build the Aztec Mayan Egyptian and
Olmec empires this resounds with Native
American historical accounts which trace
their ancestry to ask clan a mysterious
southern white island that was destroyed
by natural disasters but Hancock's
theory isn't as far-fetched as it first
appears in  reports surfaced that
satellite imaging had identified a
-mile structure beneath Antarctica
initially visible on Google Earth the US
military and NASA soon rejected the
claims if true this fortress would be
, years old making it the oldest
human settlement on earth on the other
hand more recent data shows that crustal
displacement could not have taken place
as Hapgood claimed if it had all animal
life would have been wiped out with land
masses moving at , miles an hour
equally geographical poles have not
shifted more than five degrees in the
last  million years the truth is how
good was a historian it would be
misguided to mistake his work for
scientific fact scientists such as
Professor Peter Barret have spent years
researching Antarctica showing it's been
covered in ice for at least  million
years given that the first human
predecessors emerged six million years
ago it's impossible that an ancient
civilization could have built a city
there before it froze over it is
possible that the piri reis map shows
antarctica but modern researchers such
as Keith Fitzpatrick Matthews point out
a glaring error place names on the map
such as porto de san truly n strongly
suggests that it is really argentina
this is a perfect fit when the map is
turned  degrees its position on the
map has a simple explanation
had to be moved in order to fit onto the
parchment the  Hollywood blockbuster
 was inspired by crustal
displacement director roland emmerich
said that reading fingerprints of the
Gods was the hook he needed to fulfill
his dream of making a disaster movie it
also inspired Emmerich's  film
BC about prehistoric tribesmen the
hypothesis has gained greater credence
as a work of fiction than anything close
to scientific reality until we fully
scan the depths of Antarctica we can't
be certain of a submerged city but
questions do remain what is the unknown
superstructure lying beneath the ice
caps given Einstein's faith in the idea
are we missing something by writing it
off scientific data overwhelmingly
discredits the idea and until otherwise
proven so should we in
Ridley Scott's sci-fi film Prometheus
portrayed humans as creations from alien
DNA and there are some who believe that
this premise is more science fact than


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